How to Automatically Add HP Printer to a Wireless Network?

These days’ printer manufactures are launching more up to date printing gadget models with further developed highlights that are enormously useful for customers. HP is a noteworthy printing gadget manufacturer which produces and manufacture different sorts of printers. If you have an HP printing gadget and are searching for a fast method to include your printer over a remote system so you can utilize the printing gadget anytime without physically connecting the printer to the system, read the following article and know how remote printer functions.

Check if your PC and network are compatible

Before you continue ahead to add your HP printer to the remote system, first you have to ensure if your PC and network are compatible to each other. Check whether your PC specifications meet the base necessities expected to interface the remote system.

Find your printer’s software

If you have printer driver CD then you can install your drivers from the CD. If you don’t have the printing machine driver’s CD you can download the drivers from the official site of the HP printers. Simply enter the model of your gadget and download the drivers from the web page.

Run the setup process

Double click the product file to run the printer setup process. Switch on your printer. In the event that your printer is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect, it will prepare the device to connect the PC.

Select network

Take after the on-screen instructions till you come to the “Network” area. These could contrast for your printing device model and operating system. Now select the network.

Wait for your printer to connect

Tap on the option, “Yes, send my remote settings to the printer”. This will discover your printing device and send your remote settings to the printer. Now wait for quite a while as your printer tries to connect to your network. You will see the confirmation on your PC’s screen.

Finish the setup

Take over whatever is left of on-screen guidelines to finish the setup process. When you finish the setup process, you will ready to begin the printing.

In this way, you will be able to add your HP printing device to a wireless network automatically and use it with any device by means of connecting WI-FI. You can connect your mobile phone, laptops, tablets and so on.

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